Jamie Oliver Cooks in Andalucia

Last night saw Jamie Oliver showing us Andalucian cooking at its finest – even we  British could manage it with his clear instructions and enthusiasm – the gaspacho and fish baked in sea salt on the beach over a fire made me wish I were there with him on that beach on the Costa del Sol.

“I swear to God, these Spanish really know how to cook,” Oliver said, somewhat unnecessarily, as he crouched on a beach preparing a final flourish – salt-baked bream with an alioli, cucumber and olive salad. “Oh my lord,” he chortled. “That is the best fish I’ve ever had, you’ve got to try that, you just got to.”

“You’ve got the mountains and all their mountain food… you’ve got the seaside and all the fish. … this place has so much history… you’ve got this whole mix of different flavours going on.”

Get his recipes and read his blog here

Get his Andalucian Guide here

Quite apart from the all year round sunshine and the friendly people that’s why we love Spain.  What about you?


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